1st grade must read book suggestions
great book list Get your sixth grader excited about reading by filling thier bookshelves iwth books that they love. Be sure to check up the "Must Read" list up and down one grade. Don't worry about reading levels just make sure your sixth grader is reading books they enjoy. Leisurely reading should be fun this list is my top picks for 6th Grade readers."
Enjoy. Nicky (book lover, educatior and mom)
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first grade reading tipsHelping a Sixth Grader Get Better at Reading

    Reading is important for all children and there are expectations when they reach the sixth grade. Children can worry about their current abilities, and it often puts them off getting better. You are that positive influence that will help them improve their capabilities. Here are some tips to help your sixth grader get better at reading.

    Discuss the Topic

    You want to make sure your child is absorbing the material. It doesn’t matter if it is story or a textbook; absorbing the material is a necessity to do well later in life. Discuss the topic with your child and ask him or her to tell you about it. Go through the stuff that he or she understands already, as if you are being taught the information.

    You could also discuss the points between you, or ask your child to write down anything that wasn’t understood.

    Encourage Re-reading the Text

    A child isn’t going to understand everything on the first reading. You need to remind your child of that and encourage the re-reading of the text. Remind your child of the points that weren’t quite understood or were missed—or anything that has been written down on the paper. He or she can make notes along the way, or simply look for the answers to the questions that he or she has.

    Understanding New Words

    There will be words that your sixth grader doesn’t understand. New words come up all the time, but he or she needs to understand them. Encourage your child to write down the words no understood and then use a dictionary to find out the meaning. You can work with your sixth grader to create flashcards or notes with the meanings, and other wording options, so he or she understands the text better.

    Once your child has learnt the words, it is time to encourage him or her to use them. You can do it yourself by using them in your own speech. Start with a couple at a time and gradually build up the list of new words. The next time your child comes across that word, the text will be much easier to comprehend.

    You can help your sixth grader get better at reading. Most of the tips are about encouragement, and some of that can come from using words yourself. The more you encourage, the more confident children become.